Health & Social Care

Qualitative Analysis of Interviews relating to Trauma-Informed Leadership (2018)

For NHS Education for Scotland.  Kate worked alone to analyse transcripts from 11 depth interviews carried out with experts working in the field of trauma-informed leadership. The overall aim of the work was to provide NHS Education for Scotland (NES) with a better understanding of practitioners’ views on how to bring about change in organisations that is trauma-informed. The interviews formed part of a wider package of research which sought to define the essentials of trauma-informed leadership. Kate used a grounded theory approach to analysis and produced the final qualitative report.

Exploring Positive Mood Interventions for Older Adults (2017)

For the University of Nottingham, a series of focus groups with over 65s in England and Scotland, moderated and written up by Kate to explore perceived barriers/facilitators to introducing positive mood interventions prior to flu immunisations. As part of the work, Kate also led one-to-one interviews with Health Care Professionals to explore their perceptions of the practicality and feasibility of implementing a trial.  Kate led design of all topic guides and qualitative analysis of interview data.

Exploring Recruitment Barriers and Facilitators in Early Cancer Detection Trials (2012)

For the University of Nottingham, Department of Psychology. Design and execution of qualitative research with adult smokers, aged 50+ to explore strategies to maximise participation in an early lung cancer detection trial. Kate led focus groups with adults at high risk of developing lung cancer to gain feedback on draft recruitment materials that had been developed, and worked with researchers at the University of Nottingham to revise and produce final randomised control trial study materials. She also contributed to the final published journal article.