Equalities & Diversity

Evaluation of the PUSH Project (2018)

Commissioned by Imaginate, the national organisation in Scotland which promotes, develops and celebrates theatre and dance for children and young people.  PUSH was a 2-year project involving partners and artists from across Europe to develop thinking, ideas and the artforms within theatre and dance for children and young on the topics of gender, (over)protection and migration.  Kate collected qualitative impact data from artists, audience members and theatre programmers as well as carrying out observation of artistic labs and festivals focussing on how to engage children and young people with these social themes through theatre.

Social Security Regulations Analysis of Consultation Responses (2018)

Kate was commissioned by the Scottish Government to undertake analysis of seven different consultations relating to the Scotland Act (2016) devolved social security powers to Scotland. These covered a range of policy and operational themes, including changes to the Early Years Best Start Grant, Funeral Expense Assistance, Funeral Costs, the Young Carer Grant and Social Security Fraud Investigations. Kate carried out qualitative and quantitative analysis of responses to produce a series of comprehensive reports for the Scottish Government, to help in the implementation process.

Blue Badge Scotland Focus Groups (2014)

For Transport Scotland, Kate recruited and facilitated a series of focus groups with adults living in Scotland who qualified for a Blue Badge to explore views on a new ‘Ten Top Tips’ document designed to guide appropriate use of the badge.  This involved consultation with adults with both physical and mental health impairments, wheelchair users, blind and partially sighted adults, and those with multiple mobility needs.  A full written report was produced summarising feedback from the engagement.

Diversity Survey Analysis (2010)

For the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland, Kate worked as part of a team on primary data collection and analysis to establish a statistically robust baseline on diversity for the practising legal profession, for the proportion of that population which is eligible for judicial appointment, and for judicial office holders in Scotland.  Data were used to identify any potential barriers (real or perceived), preventing eligible candidates applying to become Sheriffs or Judges.